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A roundup of some cool things

Okay. We just landed a machine on MARS using a SKYCRANE. How awesome is that?

Also, Bjarne Stroustroup (you may not know who he is, which is a damn shame. You fuckers didn’t know who Dennis Ritchie was, either, did you? Ritchie did more for the modern world than Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak together—and hardly anyone knows his name. He created C. Stroustroup created C++.) has on his website the coding standards for the Joint Strike Fighter project. This is wildly cool, even if you’re not big on the military. It’s cool because C++ has been lambasted so many times for being absurd, and yet these standards lay out how to write minimal, powerful, safe, and real-time code. Here’s the link.


Music you don’t approve of.

I was reading the Montréal Gazette the other day, when I came across an article about the Sûreté du Québec investigating a Montréal police shooting. Now, the police claimed the man was suicidal, and attacked them with a weapon. As for those details, we’ll read more about them when the SQ are done with their investigation.

That is not the point of this post.

This post is about a fascinating paragraph from the article: Continue reading

Going solo

Not having a studio to fall back on can make studying an instrument difficult; initially, you don’t have an instructor to give you feedback on your development, but there’s also the lack of a sense of completion: in a studio, every four months or so, the instructor holds a studio recital, in which all of his/her students perform the piece they’ve been studying since the last recital. This provides all the students with an ability to say, Okay, I’ve finished that. I can set it aside and move on to the next one. Continue reading

NOT « Born This Way » ? Yes, I was.

Queer McGill seems to be doing everything possible to piss me off. Not me, personally, but it sure has that effect. I’m not fabulous, and I never will be — so stop telling me that that’s how I should act. Just because I am gay does not mean that I immediately love prancing around with a scarf and a falsetto voice. My voice stubbornly resists any attempt to avoid a generally low rumble these days, and if I wore a scarf I’d die of heat exhaustion.

So don’t tell me I’m not born this way, or even imply otherwise. Continue reading

A survey of independent cafés, or maybe not.

I had a brilliant thought; I would survey the independent coffee shops around the Plateau area, see what options there are beyond Café Dépôt and Second Cup … maybe find a nice little place to enjoy a sandwich, or something. However, this may take a little more research first. Continue reading

Alienation in working out

So, I’ve been spending the last semester plus working out, getting fit again. I figured I could improve this use of my time with learning the art of supplementation and altering my workout format, so I started exploring information on the internet. What do I find but all sorts of sources of alienation and homophobia, all bundled into the regular discussion of the community. Gee, thanks, guys. Continue reading

Getting better with age?

When I was younger, I always thought that I would have a better knowledge of what was going on, how to react. Instead, it feels like I’m always playing by ear, always just not quite sure. I expect this is how everyone does it, but it still seems a bit like we’re being lied to throughout the years. Wait, you mean we don’t just learn how to deal with life? What a joke. I still feel like I’m just faking being grown up, like it’s all just a sham, and somebody’s going to call me out on it, on any given day. Maybe that feeling will go away, maybe it won’t. I’ve seen that I can shape my actions given just a little bit of impetus, so maybe all it takes is time. I’ll find out.