Here we go again; at the end of this year I’ll actually revamp the About page to be more relevant, but for the time being here’s another snapshot of what’s going on: I’ve been working out constantly over this last semester, and I’ve seen significant gains where it matters: in my muscles, and my overall weight. Now that I’ve had a semester to work on this, I’m branching out the blog to include more fitness-related stuff, just in what I’m doing and what I’ve found to work well for me. There will also be more rage about the testosterone-saturated bodybuilding/workout community online, because they deserve a sound thrashing sometimes. Maybe I’ll invest in a whip.

31 Dec 2010 update

Mea culpa.

I’ll leave the last update of the « About » page up, since it’s also full of me grovelling due to a languishing blog. Many of the same comments from the last update apply, at least in my first paragraph. The second paragraph, however, requires revisions.

I am no longer a high school senior, I’m now a freshman at McGill University, in la belle Montréal, Québec, Canada. Still very much following the Mathematics course, with a strong dose of French involved. Now looking forward to the new semester, where I will not be dying under massive quantities of Physics work, I can possibly write more here, helped along by the Post-a-Day 2011 project. The other project for this semester is knitting, just to keep the stress down. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep going all right.

The old « About » page :

I’m rebooting the site now, after having left it languishing in the back of my mind for most of a year, I see now. That’s sort of sad, to my mind. My last update to my « About » page being 17 January 2009, and that an autosave ? Now I’m just embarassed.

My life is that of any high school senior: far too much work piled on all at the same time. Thankfully, I beat the rush on college applications, and I have four major papers I will be handing in very shortly, opening my life up considerably. At the outset of Second Semester, I intend for my workload to shrink significantly, which is assisted by the greatest project I have yet being due right around that time.

There. Enough about me.

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