Freshman fifteen … what is this?

Okay, so the folk wisdom is that the first year at college results in the so-called « freshman fifteen », the fifteen pounds gained from being able to eat everything you want at the dining halls, the stress, the drinking, the lack of exercise …

Well, so far, I’ve had, depending on how you look at it, either a freshman negative five or freshman negative ten (I don’t think I’m at a freshman negative fifteen yet, but it’s getting close!) See, having the gym right up the hill has caused a minor revolution for me, making it easy for me to go and work out whenever I want, after class, before class, between classes … Going to the gym has become a ritual purification for me, a way to simply not think about school.

So, yeah, I’ve talked about this before, but … honestly, college has been pretty good to me. I’m reflecting on it right now, because I had a Coke today for the first time in … at least a week. Wow. This is compared to the two sodas a day I’d drink at home, as well as the mug after mug of tea/coffee. Having a limited budget makes it really easy to make healthy choices, especially when they’re based around reducing costs!

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