A survey of independent cafés, or maybe not.

I had a brilliant thought; I would survey the independent coffee shops around the Plateau area, see what options there are beyond Café Dépôt and Second Cup … maybe find a nice little place to enjoy a sandwich, or something. However, this may take a little more research first.

My first attempt was simply to look for places near Boul. St-Laurent, and so I selected a certain Café Electra, listed on google maps and various restaurant sites. Unfortunately, it would appear that this café does not in fact exist any more. Very encouraging. So far, I know I want to visit Café Santropol, preferably for lunch, and I think I’ll need to cruise Vieux-Montréal, maybe with a friend. So far, though, I’ve only been to one independent café, Café π, and that was … discouraging. Their coffee just wasn’t good. Such a shame, too, given that they’re an institution.

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