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NOT « Born This Way » ? Yes, I was.

Queer McGill seems to be doing everything possible to piss me off. Not me, personally, but it sure has that effect. I’m not fabulous, and I never will be — so stop telling me that that’s how I should act. Just because I am gay does not mean that I immediately love prancing around with a scarf and a falsetto voice. My voice stubbornly resists any attempt to avoid a generally low rumble these days, and if I wore a scarf I’d die of heat exhaustion.

So don’t tell me I’m not born this way, or even imply otherwise. Continue reading


A survey of independent cafés, or maybe not.

I had a brilliant thought; I would survey the independent coffee shops around the Plateau area, see what options there are beyond Café Dépôt and Second Cup … maybe find a nice little place to enjoy a sandwich, or something. However, this may take a little more research first. Continue reading