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Whee, radio silence!

Papers leave no time for me to think, do other homework, or write blog posts. There went my « update every day » plan. But, I’m now done with another assignment, so I guess I can feel better about that. Now my mind is dominated by the presentation, and getting that ready. Somehow, this will all work. … I was going to write more, but my brain is so shell-shocked at the moment, that’s not going to be possible. Perhaps in a few days.


This is not what I wanted

Well, Second Semester is off to an absolutely fantastic start. Two papers in the same weekend, as well as a commentary, a presentation to prepare, and myriad other assignments which all need to be done by tuesday. This is a rather awful way to start out the end of my high school career, but at least the end is in sight. Continue reading

Taking a day off …

Well, I could have gone to school today. It would have been really boring, what with pretty much the entire Senior Class going snow tubing (more on that later), and I was really tired. So, instead, I slept in for four extra hours—sleep I really needed—and had a nice leisurely morning. As I write this, I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop, just after having eaten a sandwich from the shop next door. Continue reading

A day at the Zoo

Exactly what it sounds like. Well, almost. The actual thing was, all the French classes level 3+ went to the Minnesota Zoo today, so that French 3-4 kids could do presentations on animals, and French 5-6 could just have some fun (something sorely lacking at times.) We decided to have an awkward picture contest, so we found the most awkward situations, and photographed them. Also, we wandered around in the snow, threw snowballs, and had a great time.

On a related note, they overcharge so much for the food, my wallet aches. I think it tried to hæmorrhage cash at one point. Ow.

Why do so many sequels suck?

or, Why is it that The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded were so good but The Matrix Revolutions sucked horribly?

I’d watched two Matrix movies in a row, one a night, but I refused to watch the third last night.

Why? Because it’s a really awful way to end the series. Not much of a resolution, to my mind. Additionally, after the amazing work of the first and second films, the third just seemed to drag on interminably. So, I am left to wonder. With such a good beginning to the series, why was the end so terrible? There’s not that many ways to fuck up a good film concept, is there? But, I guess there really was. This is not going to be a post of my conceptual modifications; doing that is a road I’d rather avoid. Mostly, it’s a discussion of series that sucked versus series that didn’t, and how they seem to differ. Continue reading

My, how time goes by.

I have spent an unfortunate amount of time consumed with the finalisation of my Extended Essay and other work, so I have not posted for a while. Life continues in a normal fashion, with grades having been finalised recently and me getting ready to ship off first semester final notes to colleges. This week I’ll be missing three days in a row, for no particular reason other than there being a trip to the Zoo (yay, fun!) a day I simply won’t be about, and a concert downtown the next day. Remember what I said about second semester being calmer ? I lie through my teeth sometimes, and this was one of them. Continue reading