Alienation in working out

So, I’ve been spending the last semester plus working out, getting fit again. I figured I could improve this use of my time with learning the art of supplementation and altering my workout format, so I started exploring information on the internet. What do I find but all sorts of sources of alienation and homophobia, all bundled into the regular discussion of the community. Gee, thanks, guys.

The worst part of this? I know I’m not the only gay guy who works out a lot … there’s an entire classification for gay guys who work out a lot: muscleboys and musclebears. I’m obviously not an aberration, but somehow there’s a persistent phrase in the muscle-building community, « phaggot », referring to people who whine — suggesting a different sexuality. Classy. On top of that, being informed that what I’m doing isn’t possible was really great. All I wanted was a general-purpose protein shake mix. I can get lots of other information online, I don’t need you to tell me that I’m utterly wrong. It would probably have not grated as much on my nerves were I less depressive right now, but it struck the wrong note with me. So I’ll need to get over that in the next few days.

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