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Getting back to knitting …

And blogging, apparently. Hey blog! I owe you more material, and a candy. I’ll get around to that when I can get a candy thermometer.

On-topic, then. Knitting is one of the things I love to do, but often ignore for long periods of time. Like playing music. Once I have (more) time, I’ll return to playing the violin. Honest.

Now, really on-topic. Every year, it seems, I return to knitting just as exams and assignments start piling one atop each other; whenever I’m studying and just reading, I start knitting to avoid boredom and stress. Plus, it produces materials that I can give other people. Really, the only problem I see is in acquiring the proper materials here. In Canada, I see a fascinating conundrum of fashionable, modern stores — and low consumerism. Online shopping? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Stores regularly have no internet presence here, or the least possible presence, which makes acquiring yarn quite difficult, since there’s only a few yarn shops around here.

As for what I’m working on, well, I’m finishing up some socks, and I’m about to work on another pair of socks based on a similar pattern; other things, well … those are secret.


Dinner, unexpected.

So, I’m of a slightly culinary persuasion … which means I say, okay, what do I have on hand, and what can I make that will be nutritious with the fewest additional ingredients?

This led to a whipped egg, avocado, and bacon fritatta-thing. It is amazing — especially because it was made in the bloody microwave.

So … here’s what I did:

3 eggs
1/2 avocado, in chunks
3 slices bacon (pre-cooked)

1. Crack eggs into microwave bowl, stir and whip with spoon until air has been combined into the mixture and bubbles form.
2. Microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring and whipping between until partially solidified
3. Combine other ingredients into mixture, while stirring.
4. Microwave for another minute and a half, or until no liquid is showing (If there’s none on the surface, there won’t be any inside.
5. Add salt, pepper, other condiments/garnishes to taste, and … bon appétit!

Getting settled

Living in Rez has some benefits, but right now I’d much rather have a full kitchen at my disposal, and not be relying on the meal plan. While a meal plan is great when the cafeteria is working, when it isn’t, there’s really not much that you can do about eating on what you’ve already paid. So, it’s over to the Provigo to get some food, and shelling out beyond that sunk cost. If I weren’t living in Rez, I could actually use the discount they offer for students (since it requires at least 50$ of purchases), but instead I guess I’ll need to just accept that any time I want to eat really late, I’ll be paying just that much more for the privilege. On the other hand, we’ve got the Underground City right here, replete with shopping opportunities, some of which are actually cheap enough for a cash-strapped college student like me!

In other curious events, I have found a new book to read for the time being — it is At Swim, Two Boys, by Jamie O’Neill. It’s a Queer Historical Fiction set in Ireland in 1915 and 1916. While I’m loving it immensely at the moment, the mix of incomprehensible Irish slang and the frequent, sudden shifts to stream-of-consciousness style writing make the reading difficult. Also, this book is not for someone who is fearful of or squicked out by gay sex … as a Queer Fic, it’s full of it, and requires a slightly open mind. Happy reading!

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