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Sock it to me . . .

. . . and never let me make a pun like that again. Please. Hit me with something if I do — but that won’t stop me.

In any event, it looks like 2011 will be the year of the socks, given that I have a sock pattern to complete, and another to start on, as well as plentiful time in which to do it. After all, each pair of socks should take me at least a month, and that way I have something else to do.

I have to wonder, though, if this isn’t folly; at least I’m over the angst I suffered from the first time I knit socks. I looked at the product of months of work, and thought, That’s all ? I’ve worked so hard for that !? But now, I don’t care about the time, I just want to have something to do. To that end, socks are perfect.

So I’ll keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting … all year long.


Gonna get on this post-a-day business

After all, I’ll have some time to kill, so I might as well.

Looking back after a semester

Well. Let’s address the concepts from the previous post, even though it’s from 4 months ago, to the day (sort of). Yeah, the Caf sucks, and wow I want to have an apartment. Cooking! How I miss cooking. As for the book, well … it was disappointing. Really disappointing. Incredibly disappointing. Good, but still a disappointment.

I have returned to knitting, and therefore I am bringing knitting needles back to Canada with me, as well as enough yarn to knit four socks. Hooray. Somehow, I have renewed my interest in knitting socks, even though they are terribly slow. Perhaps because of that?

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