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Why do so many sequels suck?

or, Why is it that The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded were so good but The Matrix Revolutions sucked horribly?

I’d watched two Matrix movies in a row, one a night, but I refused to watch the third last night.

Why? Because it’s a really awful way to end the series. Not much of a resolution, to my mind. Additionally, after the amazing work of the first and second films, the third just seemed to drag on interminably. So, I am left to wonder. With such a good beginning to the series, why was the end so terrible? There’s not that many ways to fuck up a good film concept, is there? But, I guess there really was. This is not going to be a post of my conceptual modifications; doing that is a road I’d rather avoid. Mostly, it’s a discussion of series that sucked versus series that didn’t, and how they seem to differ. Continue reading