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Ah, finals. Or rather, final. Since there was only one of them. IB English essay on a play by a Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka: The Lion and the Jewel. I was rather glad to have bought the Lamy Safari about a week ago; without it, writing an eight-page essay would have involved far more pressure and hand strain. Continue reading


The WordPress app sucks.

I just wrote a very long post about finals. I was happy with it. Now it’s gone. Thank you, wordpress.


I was going to do homework right away. Suddenly, four dozen cookies appeared. I’m not sure I can really complain, though. After all, it was a way to get away from what I would otherwise be doing (ergo, homework.) Continue reading

Brick Wall

Or, as lots of people fondly call it, Senioritis. Yeah … the major paper of my senior year is done, most of my classes—though not done—are far closer to the « end in sight » stage than they were before, and the first semester is almost out of the way. Suddenly, stuff doesn’t seem to be as rushed or really as important. Yes, keeping up grades is important. But half the time that takes little effort.

Even as an IB Diploma Candidate, I can’t worry too much. Life’s going to be pretty good, time is opening up like a multidimensional flower, folding away in more dimensions than generally I like to think in ( it hurts the brain too much ) and my creativity is returning. I’ve revived the blog, I’ve got a story idea that wants to be written, knitting projects to finish, and cookies to bake ( yay cookies ! )

Since I’ll have some time tomorrow, I’m thinking of baking some chocolate chip cookies to take to school on Wednesday … just because I can. I don’t really see any other specific reason that may be required to bake cookies. After all, they’re wonderful.

In other creative news, I’ve got an almost-half-done Doctor Who scarf. The next colour of yarn is out in the garage, and if I feel like it I’ll go grab the next couple balls later. Also, I’m beginning work on an Irish Fiddle medley to perform for my Orchestra final come spring. That will be fun.

Extended Essay : Almost completely done !

Yeah … finally, I’ve been working on this damn paper for about a year now. The final product is almost here, it just needs some proofreading and making sure all the correct citations are in place. Then I get to hand it in and make rude hand gestures. As it is, I feel absolutely great about the product I have, but it needs a little bit of polish still. I’ll give it a few days to rest before I attack it with my pen, especially to get away from having any sort of close attachment to the words as they are now. Serious, odd, wacky details after the jump, ’cause it’s some pretty hefty mathematics. Continue reading

Voice of God

We’re watching a video in physics, in a series filmed at CalTech—The Mechanical Universe. Continue reading


Today, we got our senior poll sheets. The questions include this prize : « Most Secretly Desired ». Now, there’s an inherent flaw to this question ; namely, were this person actually secretly desired, there’s not a large chance of their being picked. We might as well have a question, « Most Popular ». It would serve much the same purpose, without the awkward romantic overtones. Continue reading