It’s just a change of variables

So . . . sometimes a problem is very difficult to solve in one manner, so we look at it differently. All it takes is a change of variables, a different way of looking at the problem. Change the appearance, and you change the fundamental nature of solving the problem. It’s the same problem, it’s just gotten a lot easier. A lot of things in life just need the same method, looking at a problem through a different lens. If a particular situation is not susceptible to being broken down by one method of reasoning, change tacks and find a different angle to approach it. If you find you need to reëvaluate the situation later on, do it! Don’t allow your values to be fixed in a single manner, that is the death of creativity. Rigid values analysis breaks down with an application of a change of variables, and suddenly the reason for fluidity in values is apparent: adjusting to a shifting situation is difficult with a rigid values analysis – if you hold one dogmatic belief above all other reason, when something comes along that may require breaking that dogma, someone bound in a rigid value structure may not be able to adapt, while someone who allows adjustment is more capable of finding a solution outside their previous values analysis. This rigid values analysis can be seen especially in those who are strongly religious and gay, in religions which are disapproving of homosexuality (disapproving may be too light a word, in some cases.) They either need to be able to accept that not everything in their lives fits with what they have been told, or they will surely perish, or face what they consider their absolute doom. However, if you accept a little change of variables, suddenly that life-or-death dichotomy breaks down, and a clearer solution is evident.

It’s just a change of variables.

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