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In motion

I’m on an airplane writing this, reading Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, and thinking about the Principles of Motion. Namely, it doesn’t feel like I’m moving. I can look out the window and see the traceries of light move past below, but I experience no sensation of motion. If someone had been asleep on the ground, and slept through taxi and takeoff, they could wake now and ask, When will the plane leave?, feeling perfectly secure in the knowledge that they were not moving.

Just a curiosity.


5 days … Et puis je me lance.

I see I haven’t posted anything since … well, five months ago. Which is rather sad, since I’ve had all this time to write in. High School ended. Exams ? What exams ? Oh, yeah, those exams ! Well, IB’s over and done, APs are far past in my memory, and I’m an incoming McGill student. I have spent the summer doing all sorts of crazy things, travelling both internationally and domestically, listening to music all the while, and hanging out with friends.

What can I say? Sometimes life is good to me. Continue reading