Branching out into new areas

I’ve started learning how to program in Java; this is a New Thing for me. Well, not entirely new. I’ve got a deep knowledge of how the system works together, thanks to debugging my Linux installation over the years, and I know how to format source code thanks to LaTeX. Even simply arranging my thoughts in such a super-logical manner isn’t entirely new to me; I spent a fairly fruitful semester of junior high learning how to program my calculator. The greatest change is really just learning the language.

It’s been a while since I worked on learning a new computer language — LaTeX has been in my repertoire for a long time now, long enough that I can essentially parse it into its final structure as I’m writing it. At this point, what I really need is just a condensed version of the course I’m in; this is how this works, this is where that fits. I have all the pieces, I just need them to fit together. Unfortunately, I’m in the class for those who have no basis in CS at all … but it gives me a nice, light class to take. I’ll just breeze through it.

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