I am an exercise junkie.

There’s nothing wrong with this. I go to the gym practically every day (especially because it’s right up the hill,) mostly to avoid thinking about work on any given day — and it works, too! Every day, I get an hour to ninety minutes of not thinking about school, homework, anything other than the next rep, the next set, the next exercise, the next breath.

I’ve always prized physical activity, just moving. Sitting down, I need to move, or just twitch. In other situations, though, it’s much the same; I have a primal urge to be in motion. Over the summer, I adore the outdoors, simply for the wide open spaces to move through. Under the sky, there’s no limits on my motion.

The benefit of all this working out, of course, is also increasing my own levels of physical fitness — but it’s deeper than that. I feel more confident about motion now, more competent at what I do. The feel of a well-deserved slow burn in my muscles is a joy (and an annoyance, sometimes . . . ) while the rush of endorphins I get after a good workout is straight elation in body chemistry form; there’s also just the knowledge that I’m doing something inherently healthy, as I release tension and stress. That is, until I rue it the next day.

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