England, Italy, and Israel

I guess it’s as good a topic as any to work with, so I’m using the Post-a-Day 2011 topic for 1 Jan 2011: Pick three countries you want to visit. Why? Beyond the obvious Why not, there’s also some reasons I’ll gladly outline below:


Now, I suppose I want to visit more than just England, but I’ll leave it just at that for now. I want to visit all of the separate constituents of the British Isles — England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland (both North and South), and I suppose the Shetland Isles too, just to see the knitting they do. However, I especially want to go to England so I can see London. After all, it’s London. Why not visit London?


My reasons for wanting to visit Italy are partially because of the language — I love the Romance languages, and Italian is beautiful. I also want to see the art, and I could happily tour Italy by train, going from Florence to Rome to Venice . . . with a visit to Pompeii, of course (complete with purchasing a winged phallus! Yay!) Not to mention enjoying the food and drink. Hmm.


I want to see Israel because I feel I really should. I might as well fulfil a mitzvah, even if I don’t believe. Also, it’s beautiful, and I want to be able to enjoy that beauty. I think, that I will travel there some day. Perhaps I’ll learn Hebrew, too. I wonder how long that would take . . .

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