5 days … Et puis je me lance.

I see I haven’t posted anything since … well, five months ago. Which is rather sad, since I’ve had all this time to write in. High School ended. Exams ? What exams ? Oh, yeah, those exams ! Well, IB’s over and done, APs are far past in my memory, and I’m an incoming McGill student. I have spent the summer doing all sorts of crazy things, travelling both internationally and domestically, listening to music all the while, and hanging out with friends.

What can I say? Sometimes life is good to me.

In other news, I have a few reviews to post, which I will do over the next few days, maybe from a coffee shop with my SHINY NEW LAPTOP that I got a few weeks back. I have named it Voyageur, and it will wander the wilds of Canada with me, helping me lay traps for the beavers so I can pay my debts to La Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson ( pfah ! ) … or it will wander the much tamer wilds of Montreal with me, helping me finish my assignments on time. It and my LAMY Safari, which was possibly the best thing ever for the exam season. I don’t want to think about writing those exams with a ballpoint or rollerball pen, it hurts. Watching other peoples’ reactions hurt. On the other hand, I walked out of exams with my hand a little inkstained, but otherwise about as fresh as a daisy. So, with a few packs of cartridges, I head off to college! With a few Preppy fountain pens that I picked up as cheap ones that I can just carry and refill ( so much better than Varsity pens, and more ecologically friendly, too ! )

This isn’t to say that the rest of my life this summer has been at all dull, though. I’ll write more about my trip to Paris in one … or maybe five … posts. Maybe one about the food, one about the apartment, one about Rue Montorgueil, one about the Louvre … ten posts ? Eleven ? We’ll see. I’ll do a series. I promise ! Honestly this time ! Then there was the trip to Urbana, and the amazing exploding fuel line. Did I mention that my travels this summer were exciting ? They were. I’ll explain that one in a single post, though.

In other news, I’m an entering sophomore/U1 at McGill, since I have 3o credits from IB/AP, but I’m in the wrong faculty to declare my major just yet … ¬_¬ … I’ll write about it as that develops.

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