My, how time goes by.

I have spent an unfortunate amount of time consumed with the finalisation of my Extended Essay and other work, so I have not posted for a while. Life continues in a normal fashion, with grades having been finalised recently and me getting ready to ship off first semester final notes to colleges. This week I’ll be missing three days in a row, for no particular reason other than there being a trip to the Zoo (yay, fun!) a day I simply won’t be about, and a concert downtown the next day. Remember what I said about second semester being calmer ? I lie through my teeth sometimes, and this was one of them.In other absolute chaos type events, I have two papers due in two weeks. On the same day. For absolutely no reason. I also need to find a pianist for a recital on 23 Feb, (maybe 24, depending on when I’m available) and get a few works together for final performance. At least everything’s in for schools, and the final paperwork for that will be going out next week. Oh, but it feels wonderful for there to be only a few months of high school left. Finally, I can get away from the bullshit.

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