Ah, finals. Or rather, final. Since there was only one of them. IB English essay on a play by a Nigerian playwright, Wole Soyinka: The Lion and the Jewel. I was rather glad to have bought the Lamy Safari about a week ago; without it, writing an eight-page essay would have involved far more pressure and hand strain.

As for the pen, I had to switch ink cartridges, since I managed to use up an entire cartridge in 5 days … not surprising since I’ve been writing pretty much constantly recently. Lots of homework and all that. I’ll have to look into a bottle of ink and a converter, since I’ve a suspicion that it would be a litle more cost-effective, and less waste-generating.

While I had an Orchestra performance, it wasn’t bad really, and it wasn’t like I had any other pressing work. I guess that once I actually consider it Sunday, I’ll edit stuff and get everything ready that’s due at the beginning of Quarter 3. Watching the Bourne Ultimatum was a brilliant idea tonight, really it was.

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