I was going to do homework right away. Suddenly, four dozen cookies appeared. I’m not sure I can really complain, though. After all, it was a way to get away from what I would otherwise be doing (ergo, homework.)I ended up making the classic Tollhouse cookies; they’re easy and the recipe was quick to hand. Exciting was finding the materials, like getting the sugar down from about the highest place possible in the kitchen, and then discovering that it was about as hard as a brick. Packing the sugar was therefore a bit more exciting than I would have wanted, and some highly crystallised bits of sugar ended up sprinkled through the cookies … no big deal.

The usual choice for cookies of this nature.

As it turned out, there was a bag in the cabinet I hadn’t known about, so suddenly I didn’t even need to hit the store to get ingredients. After that, it was just a matter of mixing … and mixing … and mixing … and one really sore arm later :

Who needs a stand mixer when you have an arm?

The dough was ready, and well-mixed. Then (where did they ever get the idea that someone would make their cookies so perfectly small to get 5 dozen !? Or that these would only take 9 minutes !?) This was the first half of the entire batch:

Hmm ... there was a cookie there only a moment ago. I swear !

So, I’m set to dish out cookies before finals tomorrow. Because baking beats actually doing homework any day.

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