Analysing my playlists

So, I have this habit of flinging together playlists of different artists I enjoy listening to and who have similar sounds. More rarely, I will listen to one group’s discography for an extended period. Recently, that group has been Depeche Mode, and I immediately began applying my usual listening practise: taking apart the lyrics and examining the underlying structure.

One of my friends, in looking at the titles of various songs, commented on how odd it was that I was listening to a religious group … after all, it’s not like I put much stock in faith. I stopped laughing, eventually. While it is true that many of their song titles have religious overtones, the actual lyrics are rather sacriligious.

It’s the interplay between the very sincere tone and the deeply ironic lyrics that I find most amusing. I think it’s a British thing, since that same interplay (sincerity/irony) exists in Elvis Costello’s music, and that of Garbage.

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