Reviving the beast

Yeah, I haven’t posted since this past April. I sorry.

Partially, life took over at that point, and also the entire content of what I was posting simply didn’t feel like what I really wanted to talk about. So the site went into haiatus until I could come up with a real reason to write. As it is, I will probably end up erasing all the previous posts, since really a whole bunch of posts on knitting work I did last year is not so interesting.

Recently, as my current situation à propos homework-type stuff has improved, I’ve found that I actually have time for my own thoughts, and I can actually write something for this: a novel concept.

Thus, the blog is revived; long live the blog; welcome to a new era. It has become a centre of my twisted little reinvisionings of daily life, with comments on the playlist I’m listening to at a given moment, and whatever the hell else comes to mind. There may be a significant amount of bitching about assignments over the next few weeks: I’m a high school senior. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve got no work to do. Even right now I can feel the homework breathing down my neck with its furious humidity-inducing stress. Hmm …

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